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EDEA is an international it company, founded back in 2006 and currently having main offices located in Athens, Greece. At the moment, we cover almost every aspect of a modern business needs in software, hardware, systems and web stuff. This practically means we can build complex and custom software systems and web applications, design and develop websites, build content management systems, provide e-commerce solutions, develop and maintain custom systems and many more.

EDEA has a very strong team of talented and qualified technology professionals. People in this team are skilled designers and developers, devoted to making the bigger effort in achieving goals. EDEA's team tries to produce consistent results in software construction, by following standards as specifications, coding control, training, long term scheduling, supporting each other. Above all, people in EDEA are good friends, always supporting each other, always ready to welcome new professionals to join our team.

We are committed to make your business more efficient, sustainable and profitable now and into the future. We always make strong efforts to produce qualified products, concerning web applications, websites or any other systems. We always seek ways to improve our business, be up to date with the technology tools we use and provide the best solutions for you. We intend to build solid and long-term partnership with our clients, by being friendly and reliable, providing good support and keep prices reasonable. 

Small team ... big dream

Our team is not old. Our team is not big. Still, it is old enough and big enough to build best web solutions for you. Always taking advantage of each one's knowledge. Always taking advantage of each one's experience. Always passionate for new technologies. Always devoted to artistic web development. 

We share our love and devotion for web and technology. We share our passion for creativity and evolution. This is what we do.

View our work. Contact us. Know us better. Trust us.

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We are always looking for talented, qualified professionals,  passioned with technology, to join our team, within a long-term working relationship. If you wish to be a part of our continuous and unlimited journey to the world of technology, please send us your cv. 

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Edea's offices are located near city center. We always look forward to meet you and discuss your ideas.

Makedonias 53 Str, Tayros, Athens, Greece

tel.: +30 210 3451783 | fax: +30 210 3463621

e-mail: info@edea.gr

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Tel: +30 210 3451783, Fax: +30 210 3463621
Mail to: info@edea.gr

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